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As a result of globalisation, there has been an increase in production and investment activities worldwide. With this in mind, fluctuations in money values cause investors to search for more trustworthy investment tools with a solid return.

Only 29 percent of the world is land, so land is limited and constant; this makes the real estate business a more reliable and strategic investment tool.

Before the start of globalisation, the location was the most important measure in the real estate business Because of that, there were high increases in the value of land in urban centres. This circumstance is still a fact in metropolises. However, an increase in demand and supply due to globalisation opened up new perspectives. Currently, access is the most important measure of the value of real estate.

Previously, Megapol realised iconic structures in city centres. For new projects, the target is to develop high-volume projects in wide areas which are not yet considered to be centre, but which have easy access and are less developed in urban terms, and to turn them into centres of attraction.

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