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70 Years of Experience in the Real Estate Industry!

Mustafa Gökdemir started MEGAPOL in the 1950s after moving to zmir from Kelkit/Gümüshane. Under the supervision of S.Selim Gökdemir, MEGAPOL expanded its fields of business beyond construction to real estate, property management, and renewable energy.

MEGAPOL is a company that has managed to combine its knowledge and relationship network, which it has accumulated as a local Izmir company for 70 years, with global knowledge and relationship network, has a command of local standards in social, cultural, and economic terms, and has the ability to do business with global standards and global partners.

MEGAPOL, with these characteristics, is a synthesis of the notions of Global and Local; The synthesis of Global and Local, GLOCAL is an investment company.

MEGAPOL, together with the Mavi Tower, İzmir’s first residence at global standards, Heris Tower, İzmir’s first business center at global standards, Server Plaza and Megapol Tower, the first high-rise buildings of İzmir’s new city center, Kordon Tower and Megapol Çarşı Tower, one of the iconic buildings of İzmir. It has 7 tower references.

With the Salhane Business Center, where the old tobacco warehouse has been transformed into a modern business center, the restoration of Anadolu Apartment, the first high-rise building in Izmir, and the Megapol Urla Houses projects, realized by redesigning the entire environment in Içmeler, which is an urban pioneer area.

Megapol Group